10 Tips for marketers on how to use Augmented Reality smartphone apps

Using Smartphones as a channel of advertising is the next big thing – companies, agencies are desperately trying to find the best ways to do it and reach the billions of users throughout their device. One of the solution – at least for the visual representation – is Augmented Reality and the other Visually Rich Technics (VRT-s) – like 360 panoramic video, photo and full interactive 3D content. Based on ARworks’ 4 years of developing campaign/event apps for brands, we’ve collected the 10 most important hints to consider when making an app. (Most of the tips are not strictly connected to AR apps – they should be followed, when preparing any kind of apps)

1. Make the user download – Exclusive content
The trickiest part is how to make your target group download the app – not the game/smartphone geeks, but the average customer. Build exclusive content into the app, which is not available anywhere else – a special offer, a limited series product, a unique song of your sponsored band, anything. This may not be the reason of the user to launch the app every day – but this will be the reason why they download it.

2. Make real users from the downloaders – Functional content

Don’t think that your product catalogue and shop location will be of interest to anybody – except of course those who have already bought or have decided to buy your product. Push the agency/your creatives/yourself to find product related app content, which makes daily use natural. If the product is a car, an app which calculate your car related costs based on consumption or give a kid a game while driving (like Toyota did) or records your daily jogging (like Adidas and Nike did) will do the work. So your customers not just download but use your app regularly as well.

3. Make them know about the app – Communication

Don’t forget to allocate time and money to tell your customers about the app. Use on-line solutions – because just clicking on the banner/link and ending up in the App Store/Google play is the easiest way for the user to download it. Or put your adds into other apps. Read more

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5 tips on Augmented Reality Apps

Besides our 10 ten tips of general smartphone app development, there are certain specific rules to consider when the augmented reality or other Rich Visual Technics are used in your app. So lets check the 5 tips by Arworks on Augmented Reality apps.

1. Make it less – Keep it simple

Don’t try to put several different AR content in the app – choose one core idea, and built the app around it.

2. Don’t use AR just because you can
The biggest problem is that companies often use AR in their apps, without making sure that it actually gives value or makes sense. Don’t put your TV spot clip on a product or on a print ad – just because AR can do it. Play it full screen from a youtube link triggered may be with a Qr code – so users don’t have to download the app. But making a video, where the image on the ad comes to life – like the man on the image starts to talk: that could be a cool AR app. Read more


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Top 10 Augmented Reality Car Apps

We’ve collected those Augmented Reality smartphone applications for cars which we love the most – some of them are our work, but there many others as well. These examples demonstrate nicely how many possible ways there are to use this spectacular visualisation technology called AR in the auto sector.

app icon1. Audi A3 HK screenshot
With this app the user can discover the new Audi A3, inside and outside, in an exciting and interactive way. While spinning the car in 360 angle, he can change interactively almost every part (rims, colours, accessories etc.) and even can park it anywhere and make an AR photo with the final configuration. This photo can be shared later on social media sites.  iOS App, Android App, Video


icon2. Audi Kurzinfo  audi-a3-ekurzinfo-app3
Audi has created an augmented reality app that offers drivers the ability to simply point their mobile device at a section of their Audi car for instantaneous answers. The A3 eKurzinfo app help you identify more than 300 elements of the car and quickly pull up how-to and maintenance information on them. Video, iTunesLink

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