VirtuBlue, the VR Training branch of ARworks offers off the shelf and personalized VR learning solutions to our clients

Advantages of VR training

  • Fast

    The same amount of knowledge can delivered faster compared to even other e-learning solutions

  • Focused

    The VR headset locks out any external disturbing stimuli

  • Realistic

    In both 360 video and interactive 3D content the objects and the surrounding are life-like

  • Experience itself

    The content ensures a really exciting experience to the trainees

  • Automatic

    VR trainings can be run without any trainers or supervision, fully automatically

  • Measurable

    Even the smallest movements, reactions, times  can be measured accurately and can be analyzed

Off-the-shelf VR trainings

Fire protection

Through the simulation the employee enters a warehouse in which a fire just started – randomly selected from solid, liquid, gas or electrical fire. The user has to identify the type of the fire, make the necessary preliminary steps, choose the correct type of fire extinguisher (water, foam, dry powder, CO2) and stop the fire. Ha also has to answer various questions about fire prevention.


The employee first gets familiar with the different type of chains, shackles, hooks, swivels, clamps, etc and all color and numeric codes indicating their lifting parameters.  Then he has to prepare a container for lifting and actually operate the EOT crane – he also has to answer several questions regarding all regulations and process rules regarding the work.


Participants have to discover the hidden safety problems on an already erected scaffolding and repair them. Then they have to add a new module to the existing structure.  Besides this practical tasks, they have to answer several question by selecting the right answer still in the Virtual Reality application.

Personalized VR trainings

On Boarding training

Presenting the new colleagues with those activities of their new employer which is not part of their work but important from the perspective of the whole company – without any time loss or effort from their other colleagues.

Machine Operation

Supporting the machine operation training – we prepare the detailed digital twin of the machine with all the actual functions of it, so it can operated in the VR space like the real one, but without any safety risks.

Process learning

Supporting colleagues to learn processes to follow, checklists to fill or just simply complex processes – in a realistic environment with realistic tools and loging and analysing their performance to the tiniest detail.

Evacuation simulation

To make sure that employees learn how to exit the building in any type of emergency – let it be smoke, fire, darkness which we can all simulate in Virtual Reality.

VR training functions






Fault simulation

Text Questions

Process Checklist

Movement in space

Statistical Analysis


HTC Vive Pro

Professional device to simulate complex process with 3D content with highest quality – and also with the possibility to connect any external devices.

Oculus Quest

An easy to operate and transport device from which any number can be run in the same space.


Job simulation

Simulating 4 different professions for 8-8 minutes in their realistic 3D modelled environment

Fire protection

Practicing how to stop the 5 different type of fire with 4 different type of extinguisher.

Crane simulator

POC project to learn how to operate an EOT crane while following the necessary protocol.


Practicing the assembly of machine parts with the use of a haptic glove – instead of the original controller.


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