Why Beacons? Part 1. Museums & Galleries

 Museums & Art Galleries

As part of ARworks continued commitment to assisting brands and businesses deliver exceptional customer experience through strategic Mobile App solutions and creative technology, over the next few weeks we’re going to be sharing a series of posts that list some top-line reasons why Beacon technology (and Location Based Marketing) should become a regular addition to specific industries and venues.

For this first post we’re focussing on Museums and Art Galleries. Other than retail, arguably one the most verdant environments for the many benefits Beacons bring to the table.

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The App Developer — Dubai Specialist Helping Retail Businesses Upgrade Customer Experience

Digital technology is truly taking over everything, and this is definitely not a bad development because with all the programs being developed by brilliant minds, life can become so much easier to manage. But apart from making a lot of daily tasks significantly easier to accomplish, advanced digital technology also allows certain experiences to be “richer.” For example, special apps these days enable people to hone particular skills, and then there are those that incorporate fun elements to learning, while there are also apps that aid businesses that wish to create a whole new experience for their customers. Read more


Common Consumer Issues With Mobile Apps Dubai Developers Should Remedy

Leading information technology research and advisory firm Gartner expects annual mobile app downloads to breach the 102 billion mark by the end of the year — about double the total downloads in 2012 which reached 64 billion. The research and advisory firm expects this trend to carry over to the following year, driven by the appetite of consumers for getting their hands on smart devices for the first time. However, the firm also expects such robust growth to taper a few years down the road. Read more


Augmented Reality – Companies Bring Cutting Edge Technology To Fruition

For many people, augmented reality seems like a case of life imitating art, taking cues from sci-fi novels and the latest Hollywood blockbusters. But far from being something to expect in the future, the technology is now available both for consumers and businesses.

Initially developed for the military, augmented reality, companies ought to know, is seen to make a great impact in a variety of sectors including medicine, retail, tourism, education and more. Read more

Why iPhone Application Development In Dubai Matters To Your Business

The sales of smartphones continue to rise, accounting for the bulk of the sale of mobile devices. Relatedly, for every three minutes spent online by an individual, one minute is spent on a mobile device like a smartphone or a tablet. And when you talk about smart devices, you cannot leave out Apple and its iPhone and iPad. While Google and its Android platform have asserted their dominance, edging out the Cupertino-based company, Apple is still a major force in the market, banking on its cult following.

For business owners, these facts bolster the case for iPhone application development in Dubai. Whatever business you are engaged in, mobile marketing should be an integral part of your overall marketing strategy.

While you should make sure that their website is viewed optimally on both smartphones and tablets, you should know that mobile apps can be a valuable tool to boost brand awareness and even generate additional income for your business.

Of course, this would depend greatly on your goals. Many other businesses have found great success in launching apps for information, coupons and gaming. But whatever the goal in your mind is, you need to be aware of your target audience and what best appeals to them. Also, whether you are having the mobile app done in-house or outsourced to a specialist company, you have to make sure that the app is both functional and offers customers real value — unless you want customers to delete the app a few days after downloading it. Take cues from other apps available on iTunes.

If you are keen on launching a gaming app, consider developing two versions: a free and a paid version. A free version allows customers to sample your game and if they like it, they can purchase a premium version which offers features not available in the free version.

Or perhaps, you might want to develop an app that functions as a mobile coupon. As any seasoned retailer knows, offering great discounts and offers is one of the best ways to entice customers. On the other hand, do not forget that apps can also be used by your internal customers – your mobile workforce. One good example of this is having an app developed for your sales team, one which allows them to easily share valuable information, anywhere they are, just before meeting with a prospective client.

As smart devices become more and more a part of the daily lives of consumers, businesses should learn to seize such an opportunity toward their own advantage.

Mobile Application Development In Dubai – What Business Owners Should Know

Mobile application development in Dubai and various global centres has risen in popularity as more and more consumers purchase smart devices and download apps. Businesses which were once wary about the potential of mobile marketing are quickly being convinced both by the continued rise in the sales of smartphones and tablets as well as the increase in usage of these devices.

Businesses utilise apps in several ways, depending on their needs. Among the most popular uses of mobile apps for business are customer engagement, customer support and promotion. Some online merchants and service providers have benefitted from app development by utilising apps as another platform to bring their products and services closer to consumers. Also, there are businesses which have found great success in utilising apps internally, allowing them to boost the productivity of their employees.

But despite the ready availability of developers to help businesses create and launch their apps, business owners should know that there are several tasks to perform before, during and after the creation of the app. Here’s a brief rundown.

The goal of every business in app development is to deliver value to those who download it. It does not matter if your business is going to use it for marketing and promotion or if you want to generate profit directly from it. As such, it is the task of the business to listen to feedback, both positive and negative, from consumers until your app has been tweaked to a point where it truly provides value to them.

One of the most common errors of businesses that have apps developed for them is to go with the notion that “more is more.” As with a lot of things, the opposite is true. In the design and the development of the app, remain steadfast to your goal and eliminate bells and whistles that may look and sound good initially but add no real value. Design is also integral to the success of an app. Beyond appearance, the interface of your app should make it easier for those who download the app to navigate and explore the features.

Developing an app and putting it on iTunes or Google Play may seem like a simple and straightforward endeavour. But having your app downloaded is very much like having one foot in the door. Unsatisfied customers can easily delete your app with a couple of flicks on their smart device. As such, make sure that prior to launch, your app has undergone extensive testing and tweaking to minimise bugs and problems consumers may encounter once they download it.

Many business owners, especially start-ups, will immediately know that the app market can be quite competitive. As such, it is imperative to utilise various tools to promote their apps through press releases, social media and through the creation of microsites.

Beyond Mobile Application Development – Companies In Dubai Should Promote Their App

More and more companies around the world are now realising the value of integrating mobile marketing strategies in their overall marketing campaigns. As the sales of smart devices continue to rise, companies cannot simply think of mobile websites and mobile apps as luxuries they can easily forgo.

And while businesses can now have mobile apps built for them by specialists in mobile application development, companies in Dubai should not forget that app development is just one step in a long process. Even before your app is launched on iTunes, Google Play or on both app stores, you need to craft a marketing strategy that will allow your mobile app to get noticed by customers. Here are a few ideas to consider.

Whatever channels you are considering to use to promote your new app, you should take your time to make an informative press kit. Apart from crafting a clear and compelling copy, you should also include in your press kit your company logo, a screen capture of the app, the app icon, and even links to a microsite or video channel. As much as possible, your press release should concisely tell how your app can benefit your target audience. You might also consider delving into keyword research to enable your app to be easily found in app stores.

Another good way to promote is to build a microsite which customers can view when they want to know more about your new app. While many users go directly to app stores, a significant portion of consumers are driven by the Web. You can utilise videos to provide customers with a short glimpse of what the app can do for them. You can also ask customers to give their email address to stay informed about the release of the app.

Of course, you should make sure that the content of your microsite is updated with fresh content to help it become more visible online. It also helps to share the content of this microsite on social networking platforms to build more hype and enable your social media followers and fans to share your posts about the launching of your app to their friends.

After submitting your app to an app store, it is now time for you to determine a launch date and generate buzz for the release of your app. You might want to contact tech and trade blogs for write ups and reviews.

Once you’ve launched your app, you still have much work to do. Chief of these is getting feedback from customers who have downloaded your app. With feedback in hand, you can use this information to tweak your app and even to reach out to customers and answer issues they have with your mobile app.