Top 10 Augmented Reality Car Apps

We’ve collected those Augmented Reality smartphone applications for cars which we love the most – some of them are our work, but there many others as well. These examples demonstrate nicely how many possible ways there are to use this spectacular visualisation technology called AR in the auto sector.

app icon1. Audi A3 HK screenshot
With this app the user can discover the new Audi A3, inside and outside, in an exciting and interactive way. While spinning the car in 360 angle, he can change interactively almost every part (rims, colours, accessories etc.) and even can park it anywhere and make an AR photo with the final configuration. This photo can be shared later on social media sites.  iOS App, Android App, Video


icon2. Audi Kurzinfo  audi-a3-ekurzinfo-app3
Audi has created an augmented reality app that offers drivers the ability to simply point their mobile device at a section of their Audi car for instantaneous answers. The A3 eKurzinfo app help you identify more than 300 elements of the car and quickly pull up how-to and maintenance information on them. Video, iTunesLink


3. Mercedes GL500 illustration
The user can discover Mercedes GL500 in an exciting and interactive way while using the 360 view to admire its  interior and exterior from every angle, changing  the enterior and  getting more detailed info by touching hot-spots. iTunesLink, Google Play Link,  Video       


 icon screenshot24. Golf Cabriolet
The app enables the user to fully discover the car by rotating it, recolour it, taking picture with it and downloading the broschure. Above this features, the  the user can open and close the top of the car, too. iTunesLink, Google Play LinkVideo


ikon screenshot5. Mercedes A-Klasse Zubehör
The User can interactively experience the Genuine Accessories for his A-Class  from almost every angle, while modifying the colour of the car, as well. iTunesLink, Google Play LinkVideo

6. Kia Optima kiascreenshot2

3D animation of the all new KIA Optima is triggered from a KIA logo. Experience its key features as you view it in 3D on screen using your camera from any angle. Select and compare  all its available colours, see its specifications, and turn on and off its lights. You’ve probably never interacted with a vehicle like this before. iTunesLink, Google Play LinkVideo

icon screenshot17. Nissan X-Gear
The aim of this app is to attract users to test this car. Users can drive a virtual NISSAN X-Gear using augmented reality, rush around a virtual city to pick up stranded passengers, collect the most points and beat the countdown! Besides they can discover the features of the car in the app. iTunesLink, Google Play LinkVideo

subaru appiconscreenshot1 8. Subaru AR
SUBARU AR II offers a truly amazing experience simply by pointing the iPad’s camera at an object. Select the AR you want to display and the iPad will switch to the camera screen. Simply move the camera so that the image of the object fits within the screen. iTunesLink, Video

app_icon screenshot9.  Toyota 86 AR
User can test his driving skills around the course of cones or can turn them off and go for a free ride anywhere. He can practice his car controls and visit the video section on to find out how to create his own Toyota 86 AR movies and post them to YouTube. iTunesLink, Google Play LinkVideo

ikon screenshot10. Toyota Camry
The app presents the unique features of the new Camry in a really spectacular way, explaining the advantageous effects on the environment with eye-catching animations. iTunesLink, Video