TelenorMovieSequence 161

For our Telenor client, we’ve developed an event application, that illustrates the evolution of the mobile net’s bandwidth, in an entertaining, 3 dimensional, immersive way.
On the spot (in one of the most frequented shopping mall of the city) visitors had to walk through a maze, approx 10m by 10m bite, with an Android tablet in their hands. By pointing these devices on pictures at 5 spot within the maze, they were faced a virtual challenge in Augmented Reality appearing around themselves.

Visitors had to catch 3 dimensional blue butterflies among the other ones, spot the fastest, the blue train among the others, find the airplane with the blue wings somewhere around them, launch a space shuttle in  the air at the right time and catch as many shooting stars appearing on the night sky around them as possible. They could even make a wish, after that of course :) .

All of the magic appearing around them in 3D was made in Augmented Reality by our team

During the 1 week long promotional period more then 1000 people volunteered to find their way out of this magical maze.

Werkvideo of the animations