We’ve just introduced the Doktor24 App, which is originally Doktor24 is an online medical service that wanted to expand its online services by leveraging the advantages of smart phone applications.

This application is based on a complex back end system that requires continuous data communication between the server and the mobile clients. So this application was a really important milestone in our professional life that proved, we can succeed in solutions that reaches way beyond the realm of Augmented Reality.

The application helps the user set up diagnoses, identify the cause of a pain, find the most competent doctor and the nearest pharmacy.

In the „Symptom finder” menu point, the user can localise the pain on a 2 dimensional body of a male or a female model, and also can describe the characteristics of the pain. Then the app will show possible maladies causing that pain.

In the „Doctor finder” menu point, after finding the most competent specialist, not only the patient can make an appointment, but he can also ask for a route guidance on a map and can initiate a call to the 24/7 call center of Doktor24.

The “Pharmacy finder” function lists the nearest pharmacies, ranking them on their relative distance from the actual position of the user. It also shows the contacts and offers route guidance to the selected pharmacy.

The “Doktor24 health guard” function, provides support in illness prevention, sends alerts for actual screenings, and recommends booster shots.

The app is available on iOS and Android platforms.

Android App Link      iOS App Link