F1 Racecar

ARworks prepared an Augmented Reality Formula 1 race car in the Junaio AR browser for conVisual, a German mobile marketing agency.
The F1 cars were the key part in the booth of their presence on the dmexco digital marketing exhibtion in Cologne, September 2011.


The animated cars were presented in 3 forms – it appeared in front of the back wall of the booth and on the leaflet distributed to the visitors. For both, the guests had to hold their iPhone or Android smartphone on the print. To have this experience, search for “convisual pole position” in Junaio and hold your phone on the marker below.

(More help: http://www.arworks.eu/how.jpg)

The car were presented in 4 different designs – 3 of them was made by ARworks’ 3D designer team.

(If you want your own one, for the fraction of an original one – contact us)
Another car was presented in a different way – it just simply appeared around the user, without any print necessary. To have this, search for “conVisual ready” in Junaio.