Train in the tunnel

We’ve prepared a nice AR channel for the countrywide campaign of the Hungarian forest train system. In the channel, you will see the accurate 3D model of the MK 48 engine coming out from a tunnel – it even celebrates its arrival with a loud whistle.

What makes this channel interesting is that we’ve scanned a small maquette of the engine with a special scanning system – so the final model could be as accurate as possible. Naturally the scanned version was just the raw material of the modeling process – and the result, well, you have to decide.
The train appears on 2 markers – on the prints placed on forest train stations and schools and on the vouchers which was send out to train fanatics.

To make the use of the application easier there was a QR code on every printed surfaces which – a after the download of Junaio –  launch the channel.

Name of the Juniao AR channel: Kisvasútra fel!