Vodafone Augmented Reality Fashion Show

We’ve created a virtual, Augmented Reality fashion show foe Vodafone. The telecom company sponsored a contest (Button Up – Gombold Újra)made for fashion designers and the 11 winner creation of the contest wereand are presented in Augmented Reality – as a channle in a most popular, free AR browser, Junaio.

After starting the Gombold Ujra channel in the app, the 11 models are appearing in the live camera picture around the user who will feel like she is standing in a fashion outlet. If she is at home, the models will be standing with her in the living room – if she is in the office, the models could stand on their desk.

Using the photo making/sharing button its easy to make a joint photo with the models and share it – just as she were  on the catwalk herself as well.

By clicking on the models, they move closer to the screen so its possible to check the details of the creation – and with the button on the screen, some information on the designer appears as a separate mobile html page.

To see the models and dresses download and launch the free JUNAIO AR browser to your smartphone – then with its Scan button, scan the QR code below.

The special Panoramic AR technology used here, is actually the 3rd type of Augmented Reality besides the well known image recognition (marker) and geolocation based ones.

Apart from the AR browser based solutions, we can develop standalone apps as well – so just contact us, if you’d like to have anything in AR.