Special application for special needs in 7 languages

ARworks is always seeking new possibilities and exploring new territories. That was the very case in our latest application, ViaOptaDaily that targeted mainly the visually impaired. But how to be prepared for such a development?
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Novartis, the Swiss pharmaceutical company wanted to help visually impaired  people in their everyday life – so we come up with a smartphone app idea helping them in their following daily needs.

Color recogniser  -  Reading out loud the colour of anything in front of the phone
Money recogniser -  Reading out the value of a banknote (Euro and Dollar).
Contacts  - Users can add voice and sound effect and organize their contact according to their needs.
Magnifier  -  This function helps users to read the smaller prints in various magnification levels.
Timer  - Using the vibrate feature of the phone, you can feel the remaining time with your fingertips.
Weather - Current and following days’ weather with easy pictograms, color coding and audio guide.