Have you ever met an unexplainable phenomena in your life? Do you want to know what power stands behind sandwiches that eat themselves, pens that move and newspapers that teleport? You don’t need to live with these doubts anymore. We have created the SpyWatch application whereby you are able to find the right answers to these questions.

SpyWatch is an exciting experiment to show the abilities and potential one of the newest mobile technologies. Our purpose with this Android smartwatch app was to show how many advantages the device has. What creative and effective solutions it has to offer when planning to develop a new mobile application.

SpyWatch application enables the users to control the photo, video and voice recording features of their mobile phones via Android Wear smartwatch remotely while the live picture is visible on the watch’s screen. The two devices are able to connect via bluetooth and Wifi, the recorded content is saved in the memory of the phone and can be reached anytime by the user. The app starts in the background and remains perfectly hidden from the „victims”. The usage of the application is fast, comfortable and easy – a useful partner in the everyday investigations.

The application manages both devices as one unit, combining the freedom of the watch with the multimedia capabilities of the phone. We believe that integrating these devices in a sophisticated manner leads to unique and innovative solutions on the emerging market of smart watches.

In case you need smartwatch application or any other app please feel free to reach out to us at office@arworks.hu.