Novartis: AR Syringe Demo

To demonstrate the operation of Ranibizumab, an eye medicament, we’ve prepared a very accurate and detailed 3D animation. For this, we’ve used  Unity so the designed eye and syringe really looked like in real life.

Our work resulted in a standalone app – this is another nice example of the new area of our services. So apart from AR browser based content we are now a full flagged AR App developer. Because of Unity this  AR solution is fully branded and very easy to use.

The prepared 7 step animation can be played one-by-one or continuously- and even a video clip is integrated in the app.
We’re very proud to tell that this is our first project in the Middle East – namely in the Emirates. It was presented on an event for professionals, where we personally could feel the huge success of our work.

iPhone app (App Store): Link – Android app (Google Play) : Link

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