Panoramic Undersea AR for Spar

With the “Oceanmania” application anybody can have an exciting, spectacular journey in the depth of exotic waters. Our own living room or office turns into a giant aquarium where we can swim side by side with a huge whale, a tiny funny clownfish or a dangerous murena.

The app is only available in Hungary – if you want test it, drop us  a mail.

App links: Apple StoreGoogle Play

The iOS and Android app was prepared as a part of the promotional campaign of SPAR, a European supermarket chain, to support their sticker collector album, designed around the theme of the fishes of oceans and seas.

By pushing the Dive button user start their first journey with a fully filled oxygen tank – and have a chance to see a huge Humpback Whale swimming just centimeters from their face. The oxygen level is continuously decreasing (this can be checked on the screen) and after approximately 1 minute, players will run out of it. To have a re-fill, they have to hold their device on certain pages of the album.Depending on which page they use, another sea creature will arrive into their private aquarium. Users have a chance to see 9 different animals passing by and performing a few, sometimes funny, sometimes a bit frightening actions. The dugong starts to break dance, the dolphin makes a jump and the murena attacks the couch diver unexpectedly.

By pushing the info button a short summary of the species appears on the screen to strengthen the educative function of the app.

A prize drawing game is also built in – after registration everybody has a chance to win a VIP ticket to the Zoo.

The pages, to fill the tank, can be found in the photo gallery.

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