MindControl VR

Controlling inventions with your thoughts in a VR Showroom



Ministry of Foreign Affairs


March 2017


MWC Stand, Barcelona


Linked Brainsensor and VR Headset


HTC Vive and Emotiv


  • Concept Development

    Coming up with the idea

  • 3D modelling

    Designing the surrounding and the objects

  • Animation

    Bringing everything to life

  • UI/UX Design

    Creating a  very special journey

  • Emotiv Programming

    Playing with the API of the Brainsensor

  • HTC Vive Programming

    Just the usual stuff, we regularly do


We’ve developed a very special solution for the Hungarian Stand at MWC in Barcelona. Since VR in itself is not a big news any more we’ve thought we should connect it with an external device to add an innovation factor expected on this event.

The result was a Virtual Reality Showroom with 3 Hungarian Inventions (Rubik’s Cube, the Match, Vitamin C) and an additional object, a giant steam train. Users first had to train the software, then they could start the built in animation with that “mind trigger” – completing the cube, lighting up the match or lifting and rotating the Vitamin C Molecule.

The really strong ones, if they had the force with them, could even lift the train, too.