Tetris House

3D Touchscreen solution to support real estate sales



OTP Real Estate


March 2017


Interactive 3D Sales Tool


3D Touchscreen


Win 10 with Unity


  • Concept Development

    Coming up with the idea

  • UI/UX design

    Putting together the journey and the design

  • 3D modell reduction

    Making the models smaller while keeping the quality

  • Programming

    Writing the code in Unity


OTP, one of the biggest local developer used our touchscreen solution – Abstracto – to present their latest project, the Tetris building to their potential customers on the biggest real estate fair.

Among others, the app had the following main menu points:

Virtual fly-in: Users can fly around or walk around the 3D buildings. They can explore them from the outside, feel its dimensions and get an overview of their outlook itself. The view contains additional hotspots, information, pictures or videos as well.

Exploring the environment: Get an overview of the surrounding area: neighbouring buildings, landmark objects, streets. It  includes hotspots for various POIs: Shopping possibilities, entertainment, services, public transport, parking, etc.

Choosing your flat: By entering the building, user-customers can explore floorplans to see the level configuration and choosing their dreamhome. After choosing it, they can see the infocard of the given apartment. It can even include 360° panoramic pictures of the given appartment, or the outside view from the terrace.

Touchscreens are the best choice if you want to demonstrate, provide quick overview, or get direct sales.

Screen Capture