We’ve prepared an Augmented Reality sportsmen hunt game in the Junaio AR browser for the Hungarian sister company of Deutsche Telekom.

Through the AR channel running on Android and iOS devices, visitors of T-Shops had to find the images of sportsmen, hidden in the virtual AR space.  Then by clicking on the levitating pictures, they had to collect all of the 5 photos. Only after that, must they register in the app so they could get their promotional gift in any of the T-Outlets.

Apart from the mobile AR solution, we’ve prepared the web database, directly connected to the application, in which the colleagues could administer the handover of the gift – simply checking the names in a web page on their computer of those players who managed to collect all of the 5 pictures.

The solution is a good example of how to use AR when you have to connect your sponsorship in an interesting way to promotion, using intensively mobile devices.

More photos: Android,  iPhone