Promotional Activations have to be more and more interesting, involving and innovative to keep up the interest of the potential customers.

We’ve kept these objectives in mind, when we’ve developed a spectacular but easy to use iPad Application for an event of a well known brand with Geometry Budapest.


Customers were asked by a promoter, wether they want to participate on a prize draw. If the answers was yes, the promoter invited the customer to a green box photo studio — which was built up in 2 minutes from a green roll up and an iPad Application on 2 square metres.
The guest was standing in front of the background and a photo was made — and the app took away the green background from the photo, so the cut out image of the participant could be easily added onto the built in branded photo — actually the key visual of the campaign. Then the prepared montage was shared, printed or simply sent to any e-mail address.
A registration step was also included in the app to collect the contact details of the participant for the future prize draw.

Using iPads and purpose built applications on activations are becoming more and more common — they gave a unique experience to the participant, an innovative image to the brand and they are very cost efficient if they ‘re used on many places for more days.