New Project 10 18

One of the biggest Thai TV producing studio, Pasangyasorn, is launching 5 new shows during this autumn. One of these, the animated series of PinKeaw was presented to the media journalists with the help of Augmented Reality developed by ARworks The event was held in the last weeks of August in the Bangkok Grand Mercure Hotel.

The imaginary main character of the show, PinKeaw – after the audience watched an actual footage from the movie – appeared on the stage in 3D just besides the MC of the event and they greeted together the audience. Then, when the stage program was ended, guests could shake hands with PinKeaw and have a photo with him of this unique occasion.

The project was the result of our corporate roadshow in thailand at the end of this July and hopefully others will follow.

Android App

The image with the flower like motives is the markerprint – download the app to your Android phone and hold it on this image.

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