On brand activations, promotions and events its vital for companies – to make their money well spent – to engage potential customers in entertaining, long lasting, spectacular, unique brand connected experience. Sine everybody want to do this, its harder and harder to stand out from the competition – but personalised Augmented Reality solutions are still have the effect. Seeing ourselves in a virtual environment, interacting, controlling virtual 3 dimensional, even animated objects makes its mark. For this, Kinect (specially Kinect for Windows with its SDK) is a perfect device – with the appropriate creative, 3 dimensional content and the right programming it could give extraordinary experience.

Thanks to our research and experiments with the device the last months, now we’re confident to offer Kinect based solutions to our clients. In the linked video you can see how a Cherry Flower Rain can be added to a person’s hand so he can write anything in the air with flowers or make a flower carpet on the ground.
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