iBeacon is a new technology, which helps accurate indoor navigation and intelligent proximity triggered content.
It consists of 3 parts – the iBeacons, themselves are matchbox-coin size , battery operated emitters placed in the area – a Smartphone, capable of receiving the signal of the emitters and an App which identify the signal and show the pre-defined content on the screen.
Each and every beacons have their own unique ID – that’s the app who knows what to show on the phone’s screen when that particular emitter is at the closes.
Emitters are manufactured by many companies, prices range from 1USD to 60 USD – Smartphones using Android 4.3 or higher or iOS 7.1 or higher can detect the signal of the emitters. The Apps have to be developed – which we’re happy to do if you think you could use the advantages of this technology.

General Uses
Retail outlets, Car showrooms, Malls, Event – Airports, Museums, Exhibitions, Real Estate, Hotels, etc.