Augmented Reality Company Enhances Marketing Efforts Of Competitive Enterprises

Everybody is quite fascinated with technology these days. Even those who have a lot to complain about how it takes away many of the fundamental values that shape character (like hard work, because accessing important information can be done in just a click of a button) find it utterly “far out” how certain experiences that are not accessible to many can easily become a reality now through digital technology. Read more


Top 10 Augmented Reality Car Apps

We’ve collected those Augmented Reality smartphone applications for cars which we love the most – some of them are our work, but there many others as well. These examples demonstrate nicely how many possible ways there are to use this spectacular visualisation technology called AR in the auto sector.

app icon1. Audi A3 HK screenshot
With this app the user can discover the new Audi A3, inside and outside, in an exciting and interactive way. While spinning the car in 360 angle, he can change interactively almost every part (rims, colours, accessories etc.) and even can park it anywhere and make an AR photo with the final configuration. This photo can be shared later on social media sites.  iOS App, Android App, Video


icon2. Audi Kurzinfo  audi-a3-ekurzinfo-app3
Audi has created an augmented reality app that offers drivers the ability to simply point their mobile device at a section of their Audi car for instantaneous answers. The A3 eKurzinfo app help you identify more than 300 elements of the car and quickly pull up how-to and maintenance information on them. Video, iTunesLink

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New Project 16 068

Munich Conference and Innocean presentation in Frankfurt

We’ve just came back from Munich where we had a pretty successful presentation (the 3rd one on the Marketing-on-tour conference series) on AR in front of 180 visitors. Very interesting people, very interesting leads :) .  Then we have a meeting at  Innocean agency in Frankfurt, where  before the presentation, we had a chance to play on their playground :) . Interesting times…






Four ways augmented reality will invade your life in 2013

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With the impending arrival of Google Glass, augmented reality, long the stuff of science fiction, will soon be invading our every waking moment.


Christian Burne‘s insight:

Outside of the typical examples of consumer augmented reality, share 4 very exciting ways that AR will continue to pervade and embellish our lives.

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How Augmented Reality Will Redefine Driving and Cars | Business 2 Community

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Augmented reality (AR), as Hollywood blockbusters have shown us, is simply a way to see enhanced information about the world around us. Using a optical device


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Nice artilce about the the responsible growth of AR in the automtive industry.

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