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AR in the Architecture and Real Estate sector

Augmented Reality (AR) based smartphone and tablet applications are perfect to present customers real estate projects – building designs, exteriors, interiors, surroundings  - in a unique, 3 dimensional, immersive way impossible with other technologies.

Regular solutions always have some flaw – for a non-professional, 2 dimensional  images are hard to convert into 3d; rendered flyover videos, without interactivity, are just movies, not too close to the viewer; mock ups are too expensive, exist only one scale ratio and hard to move.
Non of these problems arise, if the building is presented on a tablet, with Augmented Reality or 360 technology – and the result is a lot stronger experience.

AR gives the possibility to place the new building at the foot or around of the potential client – like it was really there. The client can walk around it, zoom in, zoom out, can discover not just the static surrounding but the animated parts, which makes the content a lot more real. Moving cars, flying clouds, lights switched on – all of these are possible with AR.

For the video, we’ve used the following apps: Modus Matrix, Quadrum, BizPark27, Advice 3d, ARki, ImpactAR,Rosatom,3D Property Viewer, inreal3d, Jumping Rotterdam, Visuartech, Luminem et Irrigo.

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