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3 ways to link your product to your app directly

Commerce is coming to Mobile so there is inherent need to connect Mobile Apps to Products

First it was game apps, then came photo and video editing and sharing ones, and the latest were social and chat apps.

But now its another area, which will be revolutionised by mobiles: smartphone solutions for retail, shopper marketing, mobile stores, loyalty program apps, etc – the whole customer journey ending with the actual purchase will move to mobile, too. So it’s vital that mobile apps are linked to the actual products automatically and as easily as possible so customers’ effort is minimised.

We, at ARworks prepared a short werkvideo to demonstrate the three most popular and simplest solutions for this, which are:
Barcode, iBeacon and Augmented Reality.

Barcodes are on every product and mobile apps can be developed in a way so they recognise it and show the attached multimedia content. iBeacons can be placed/hidden around or in products (or stores), so apps senses their closed proximity and automatically display any text/photo/video info connected to them. And finally Augmented Reality (AR) can be used in apps to virtually add any type of 3 dimensional animated content to the actual physical product through the screen of the smartphone.

All of these serve to minimise customers’ efforts throughout the final step of their journey – the actual purchasing action.

If you don’t want to be left out from this next wave of Mobile Trend and you’d like to have a Mobile App connected to your products or stores, please, let us know so we can prepare our proposal.


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