Alp’s Tour – AR Boardgame

Complex AR based boardgame app for an event and as a promotional gift

Quick Details


HPS Experience


2017 May


AR Boardgame


Augmented Reality


Unity 3D


  • Game Logic

    Working out ideal game flow with the client

  • 3D content design

    Preparing all 3D model and animation from scratch

  • Coding

    Writing the full game code in Unity

  • Testing, testing, testing

    Different devices, various light conditions, playing hundreds of games


We’ve prepared an extraordinary Augmented Reality based boardgame, which uses a mobile app to actually play the game.

Each and every filed of the 45, contains some type of AR experience – most of them are 3D but there are simple 2D quizes included too. Also throwing the dice and defining your number of steps fully comes from the app – many times the AR content influences the next field or the direction of your movement.

Among others, you can see the life size Milka cow, a Circus tent, a Sledge or the actual Milka factory appearing in 3D on your phone.

The app is used in two situations: on an event where the game is played on huge 10m*10m board – or at home if you receive a nice board upon your purchase of MIlka products. You can also download later the print of the board later from Milka’s web site.