Christmas Ornament In-Mall Game

Deutsche Telekom’s Christmas promotion in a shopping mall used an Android application which was developed for DDB by us. Visitors could throw virtual Christmas ornaments containing their personal message to the huge Christmas tree erected in one of the mall’s atrium.

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After writing the message card on the tablet, it was digitally folded and inserted into a virtual ornament. Then this ornament is placed into a virtual augmented reality sling – showing the real camera view and the AR sling with the sphere in it simultaneously. The user can pull it back on the screen of the device, aim and throw it on the huge tree. The ornament peacefully flied to it, cutting through the air.

If he succeeded to hit one of pre-defined real ornament on the tree – it lighted up thanks to the integrated server application.

Facebook sharing of the message was naturally built in the app and every step of the message preparation and slingshot was supported by the promoters.

In this project, Augmented Reality was used to give an exciting, very attractive and otherwise impossible program to the visitors.