Deutsche Telekom video app-host and dragrace in AR

The virtual extension of the Telecom catalogue „Élménytér” is back with a mobile app and a brand new technology. The Lite version of the app guarantees that the information can be reached from nearly any device.

App links: Apple StoreGoogle Play, Élménytér Lite (Android)

Leaflet to download: PDF

Download to your phone your personal guide — Laszlo Cseh, world champion swimmer — and let him guide you through Telekom’s spring catalogue, showing around and presenting the top devices. Examine the Samsung smartphones, TVs and other devices that are augmented in almost touchable 3D models. The Smart LED 101 cm TV can even be positioned and tried to your own living room and be shared on facebook. Every user receives a coupon that can be turned to a new device in the webshop that is also integrated within the app. The fun part of the app is a dragster race where you can test your reaction time and compare it to others.

As the technology develops, more complex and stunning apps can be produced. Those app will run only on middle level or stronger smartphones. Therefore we developed „Élménytér Lite” app that will run on nearly any Android device and provide the vital elements without the AR content available for everybody. A web app version, programmed in html5 is also available, so actually it can be enjoyed from any device.

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