Le Garage

Virtual Reality Walkaround in a Planned Gastro Mall



Roxer Agency


February 2017


Real Estate Visualisation for an Event


3D Modelled Virtual Reality


HTC Vive


  • 3D Modell Reduction

    Making the model optimal for Vive

  • UI Design

    Making it the easiest with the Controller

  • Programming in Unity

    Finishing the whole project in 1 week

  • Local Support

    Operating 2 Vives next to each other


Immochan, the French Real Estate Operator is going to open a food court in Budapest, Hungary. We’ve prepared an HTC Vive VR interior walkaround for them, so any future tenant or visitor could have a sneak-peak how the Gastro Centre will look like.

The visitors of a Food Truck Show just put on the Vive headmount and they were immediately taken into the future building. They could walk or jump around using the controllers. The solution ran on two devices simultaneously, which gave us some technical challenges we’ve managed to solve.

Screen Capture