Art Exhibition around the Globe

Art galleries are opening at 22 hotspots in the world – using augmented reality and ARkit



Dobossy Auction


December 2017


AR Gallery


Augmented Reality


Unity, ARkit


  • Preparing a Proof of Conept

    Before undertaking the project, just to be on the safe side, we’ve made a POC

  • Designing the 3D Gallers

    Creating the space to exhibit the collection

  • Programming

    Solving several problems of the new ARkit technology

  • On-site support

    Helping guests to become part of the experience



May be this is the first virtual contemporary art exhibition in the world  using an ARkit based Augmented Reality solution. We’ve developed it for Dobossy Auctions, who were happy to experience with his new technology.


Dobossy 3D virtual Art Galleries are opened at 15 landmark spots in the world – New York Times Square, …….  - and you can enter them through the Dobossy app if you’re there. The gallery appears in front of you and  you can walk around in it, admire the works – like you’re actually in it. You can also check the artist and other data by clicking the painting.


A slightly modified version of the app was used on an event, where the auction was launched. In this app we’ve paired the Ar gallery with the real one meaning that the surrounding virtual walls were at the same place as the real ones. However we had to add additional virtual walls, since otherwise we could not present that many artworks.


With AR you can place your products and services anywhere in the world.


You can check the Auction Catalog here: LINK


The Auciton is taking place physically in Budapest, 11th, December at the Brody Studios


Locations of the virtual galleries

New York Times Square
Miami Miami Beach Boardwalk
Los Angeles LACMA
London Trafalgar Square
Berlin Alexanderplatz
Dubai Burj Park
Abu Dhabi Khalifa Park
Singapore The Foothills
Hong Kong Hong Kong Museum of Art
Tokyo Science Museum
Sydney Opera
Moscow Red Square
Johannesburg Parkview
Athén Olympion
Róma Colosseum
Bécs  Heldenplatz
Budapest Brody Studio
Budapest Szent István tér