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The App Developer — Dubai Specialist Helping Retail Businesses Upgrade Customer Experience

Digital technology is truly taking over everything, and this is definitely not a bad development because with all the programs being developed by brilliant minds, life can become so much easier to manage. But apart from making a lot of daily tasks significantly easier to accomplish, advanced digital technology also allows certain experiences to be [...]

Common Consumer Issues With Mobile Apps Dubai Developers Should Remedy

Leading information technology research and advisory firm Gartner expects annual mobile app downloads to breach the 102 billion mark by the end of the year — about double the total downloads in 2012 which reached 64 billion. The research and advisory firm expects this trend to carry over to the following year, driven by the [...]

Augmented Reality – Companies Bring Cutting Edge Technology To Fruition

For many people, augmented reality seems like a case of life imitating art, taking cues from sci-fi novels and the latest Hollywood blockbusters. But far from being something to expect in the future, the technology is now available both for consumers and businesses. Initially developed for the military, augmented reality, companies ought to know, is [...]

Why iPhone Application Development In Dubai Matters To Your Business

The sales of smartphones continue to rise, accounting for the bulk of the sale of mobile devices. Relatedly, for every three minutes spent online by an individual, one minute is spent on a mobile device like a smartphone or a tablet. And when you talk about smart devices, you cannot leave out Apple and its [...]

Mobile Application Development In Dubai – What Business Owners Should Know

Mobile application development in Dubai and various global centres has risen in popularity as more and more consumers purchase smart devices and download apps. Businesses which were once wary about the potential of mobile marketing are quickly being convinced both by the continued rise in the sales of smartphones and tablets as well as the [...]

Beyond Mobile Application Development – Companies In Dubai Should Promote Their App

More and more companies around the world are now realising the value of integrating mobile marketing strategies in their overall marketing campaigns. As the sales of smart devices continue to rise, companies cannot simply think of mobile websites and mobile apps as luxuries they can easily forgo. And while businesses can now have mobile apps [...]

Four ways augmented reality will invade your life in 2013

See on Scoop.it – Augmented Reailty With the impending arrival of Google Glass, augmented reality, long the stuff of science fiction, will soon be invading our every waking moment.   Christian Burne‘s insight: Outside of the typical examples of consumer augmented reality, QZ.com share 4 very exciting ways that AR will continue to pervade and [...]

How Augmented Reality Will Redefine Driving and Cars | Business 2 Community

See on Scoop.it – Augmented Reailty Augmented reality (AR), as Hollywood blockbusters have shown us, is simply a way to see enhanced information about the world around us. Using a optical device   Christian Burne‘s insight: Nice artilce about the the responsible growth of AR in the automtive industry. See on www.business2community.com